Animated doodlesHey... My name is Joe and I'm also known as 'The Doodle Boy'.

I am ten years old and I live in Shrewsbury in the UK and my most favourite thing to do is DOODLE.

I have loved art since I was about 4 years old but I started drawing in a doodle/cartoon style when I was about 6 and absolutely love it.

When I doodle it makes me feel like the most happy person in the world because I can express myself fully as there is no right or wrong in art.

I get my inspiration from my surroundings and that means I can create endless characters and in my head I can see them all come to life - this really makes me really happy and smile.

I would encourage EVERYONE to embrace art and creativity and have a go at creating your own characters - it's really fun!!!

Anyway, take a look around my site and hopefully you will enjoy some of my creations - have fun and smile!!!

Starship Song
Starship Song
Animated doodles Animated doodles Animated doodles

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